Small Business Digital Adaptation Program

Shopify is proud to collaborate with the Victorian Government to help you adapt to the digital economy and prepare for COVID Normal. All eligible businesses in Victoria can apply for a rebate of $1200 to cover up to 12-months of Shopify subscription.

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Exclusive perks for Victorian businesses.

Extended 30-day trial

Take the time you need to get your store online with our extended 30-day trial.

Rebate on the Shopify subscriptions

Eligible businesses in Victoria can apply to the Victorian Government for a rebate of $1200 to cover up to 12 months of a Shopify subscription.

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Step-by-step guidance to help you launch and grow your business with confidence.

24/7 customer support

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Applying for the rebate.

Step 1: Check if your Business is Eligible

To be eligible, your business must be located & operating in Victoria; hold an Australian Business Number (ABN); have held that ABN & registered for GST on 13 Sept 2019.

Step 2: Sign Up to a Shopify Subscription

Sign up your business to your preferred Shopify subscription and proceed to payment. Download the invoice and submit it to the Victorian Government for reimbursement of $1,200.

Step 3: Submit your Invoice to the Victorian Government

Upon confirmation, completion of Step 2 & approval from the Victorian Government, they will reimburse you directly upon submission of the invoice.

Step 4: Enjoy the extended 30-day trial & your Shopify Subscription

Start your free trial, launching your business and growing your online store with us.

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Setting up your Shopify store can help you stay connected with your customers by giving them a place to shop from you online. This can help you continue to sell inventory while maintaining cash flow, even if your storefront is closed.

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"Introduction to Shopify" webinar

In this webinar, Mike will take you through a basic run through of the Shopify platform, highlighting the key tools and features available for Australian-based businesses.

Victoria Educational Hub

Get ahead with expert-led training and resources to help you launch and grow your business on Shopify with confidence.

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