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1 million businesses use Shopify to unify their sales wherever they sell.

30% growth in revenue year over year by businesses using Shopify to unify their in-store and online sales.

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  • July
  • The Sheet Society
  • Maap
  • Ultra Football
  • elph ceramics
  • Mister Zimi

Streamlined operations

Seize every opportunity with one back office

One powerful platform

Have all the tools you need to manage your business, market to customers, and sell everywhere in one place.

Advanced inventory features

Generate purchase orders and transfer stock based on inventory forecasts and performance.

Unified reporting

Make informed decisions faster with reports that unify data from your website and POS system.

Custom staff permissions

Delegate with peace of mind. Have full control over access to actions in the point of sale.

Black woman shoe store owner sits with her shoes

Seamless checkouts

Make the sale every time—from online to checkout line

Browse in store, buy online

Email customers their in-store favorites, right from your point of sale.

Buy online, pick up in store

Bring online customers in store and upsell at pickup.

Buy in store, ship to customer

Never lose a sale even when in-store inventory is limited.

An iPhone view of the smart grid in the POS app showing tiles to add customers, product collections, discounts, and more.

Checkout’s best friends

Customizable checkout

Tailor the point of sale to your business. Keep your most-used apps, discounts, and products at your fingertips so you can fly through checkout.

Mobile POS

Banish lineups and make sales on the spot. Shopify’s POS system moves with you so you can serve customers faster and check out anywhere in the store.

Lasting brand loyalty

Turn one-time customers into lifetime fans

Lasting brand loyalty

Turn one-time customers into lifetime fans

Frictionless returns and exchanges

Give staff the ability to assist customers with purchases made online or at other locations.

Fully-synced customer profiles

Offer personalized experiences with quick access to order history, lifetime spend, and more in the POS system.

Personalized marketing

Collect contact details and tailor marketing campaigns to share exclusive discounts and sneak previews.

Integrated loyalty programs

Add loyalty apps to your POS system to reward customers for shopping with you, both in store and online.

A store owner holding the Shopify Tap & Chip phone case while interacting with a customer.
A staff member packing an order for a customer at the checkout counter.

One POS, endless possibilities

Your business like no other. Extend the capabilities of your POS system to meet your unique needs with apps for everything from bookkeeping to virtual shopping.

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A staff member packing an order for a customer at the checkout counter.

Reads and resources for your business

Discover up-and-coming trends in retail, explore how-to’s and tutorials, and learn how retail businesses like yours have used Shopify POS to level up.

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Frequently asked questions

  • At its most basic level, a POS system works by calculating the total of all the items being purchased and allowing you to accept or track payments. But most businesses today should expect a lot more from their point of sale.

    In addition to making sales, Shopify gives you one back office to manage inventory, staff, accounting, customers, marketing, and analytics, and more across all the places you sell. This means you’re not juggling multiple systems or repeating tasks in order to keep your data up-to-date. With Shopify, you gain new tools to increase sales and more time to focus on growing your business.

  • There are many different types of POS systems available on the market. And finding the right one for your business can be a challenge.

    Shopify’s point of sale is flexible enough to support a variety of businesses at any stage of growth. The retailers that find the most value from Shopify POS are those that sell (or want to sell) both in person and online. Connecting in-store and online sales helps you keep products, payments, and customers in sync so you can simplify day-to-day tasks, close more sales, and keep customers coming back.

  • Shopify is a complete platform for running a business. No matter where you sell, in-person or online, Shopify becomes your command center for managing products and orders, accepting payments, and building relationships with customers. Having a unified back office gives you the ability to sell from a retail store, a pop-up, a website, on social media channels, or online marketplaces, while keeping them all connected. This means flexible shopping options like buy online, pick up in store or buy in-store, ship-to-home are seamless.

    Shopify POS connects to that powerful back office for in-person sales, ensuring that inventory, payments, and customer data are fully synced as you make sales from your retail store. Linking in-store and online sales with Shopify helps you simplify inventory tasks, have more control over cash flow, and re-engage in-store visitors with online marketing. The intuitive and mobile POS app also makes it easy to fly through checkout and assist customers anywhere, on the sales floor or on the go.